Friday, March 22, 2013

Would you still consider getting a Galaxy S4(for PowerUsers)?


       While the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a good phone specs-wise many people would argue that what is on the inside of the phone doesn't impress them, especially those who are powerusers, who prefers stock android. Some of you would say, "Well, it is Android we can root it, install a custom rom and never have to see TouchWiz again." Though it is theoretically true for many Android, it's not likely to happen for the Galaxy S4.

        Why you might ask? There are two main problems. Firstly, the bootloader of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is highly protected. ChainFire, the maker of SuperSU has failed to unlock the bootloader and root the Galaxy S4. Bummer right? However, I still think that the S4 still could be rooted the device is not even out yet so only few people have tried to root it.

         Now let's move to the second problem, even after you are rooted you would still see the ugly TouchWiz look because you have not installed a new rom. Now they bad news lies here, CyanogenMod isn't going to make a ROM for the S4. You might say well, "I don't mind using other ROMs" or "I don't even use CM." But then you have to know that most ROMs are based off CM so the only ROMs you might see are the buggy unstable ones.

        I hope through this post you might want to rethink on getting the S4, or possibly wait until you have seen growth on the S4 ROM development. So just make sure to know what you want a smartphone to be able to do before buying them. Other than that you might as well be on the look for other phones the HTC One or may be an iPhone(LOL)?

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