Saturday, August 4, 2012

Google Task

Google Tasks!

     With the release of iOS 5 a native application called tasks is released by Apple and tasks lets you remind what you should do. It is synced across iCloud and now tasks is also available on OS X.8. No offense, but that task tool is only if you are an apple fanboy. But if you own an android phone, a macBook, a PC and other stuffs. What app do you need? I say  Google Tasks!!! It is originally for GMail purposes but there is also the widget in iGoogle and Google lets app developers to use the data stored to make it available for Android and iOS! You can watch my video on Google Tasks down there! I hope you can find it Google Tasks useful!

Friday, August 3, 2012

How to give visible vector content on the web


How to give visible vector content on the web

             You might know some vector image formats such as .ai and .eps but those formats aren't available to be previewed using browser nowadays, however there is a vector format called .svg when you click the link for example "" it can give the image! But it is not possible for svg files to be put in a script such as (<img alt="example" src="example.svg" width="200" height="160">). There is a little trick though on how to make users view the image. It's simple. Use a .png format! It's what wikipedia uses to, they make a png and svg so when you click the png there is the svg file and you can download it and manipulate it. You can try to click the example image on your left hand corner. That is all on what I have to say today. Bye!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flash CS6 Overview



         With the release of Adobe CS6, Adobe Flash Professional also gets an updated version. There is not a lot of changes for animators who uploads their video on the internet, however the are some really great changes for people like web designers or app developers. There lots of upgrades like the ToolkitForCreateJS which converts simple animations to HTML5 content. There is also a better simulator to test mobile apps. Flash CS6 can export to AIR 3.2 content. There is also an upgrade for the code snippets for AIR actions and mobile actions such as swipe gestures, pinch to zoom, close AIR app using a button and much more!

               So if you are an app developer or a web designer getting Flash CS6 along with other CS6 software such as dreamweaver would be a good idea! You might want to try the application first before you buy it, as it might not be what you think it is. I will also be uploading Flash CS6 tutorials on YouTube, it will cover more on ActionScript instead of animation, CHECK IT OUT! Thank you for reading this article :D

Friday, July 27, 2012

Poop Game Version Changes (Desktop)

Download Link:


-Contents out of stage is not visible (for AIR-based)
-Version text
-Get result button position change

V2.6(Released 28th July 2012)

- Menu button for quick links
V2.7(Releasing on early August)

-Score multiplier
-Better grading system

Upcoming Features (Not scheduled):

Kaseem to be usable(V2.8)

QR code for mobile

Sunday, March 4, 2012

iPad Gaming: Game center friends

I know, game center is not an new feature on iOS, but it's a fun thing to discuss for me! Well, if you have friends holding iOS devices with game center the fun begins. If you are playing game center supported games you can: compare score, visit their farm(eg. dragonvale) and it is just a more exciting experience! I can't wait for mountain lion since it is going to support game center and I would expect more games that are from iOS!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Chaos Widow Saber

Oh? Was that it's name? I guess so. Well, I just got it today. It looks pretty appealing though. It's a drop from aracara the spider in faerie (/join faerie). But the nice thing is that is has stable damage 63-63 so it probably come in handy for ninja and rogue class(or other classes that uses multiple hits).

AQ worlds

           Many of you might know, Artix entertainment. Artix entertainment, if you don't know, is a company who post flash-based games to the web, similar like zynga. You may know adventure quest. But of all the games, I prefer AQ worlds also know as adventure quest worlds. Adventure quest world is an MMORPG so it's basically like AQ worlds but it's multiplayer available and there is PVP or player versus player too. To enjoy the full game experience I recommend you to buy membership of the AQ worlds account. Have fun playing. We have some videos on our YouTube channel and some post will be coming soon with label "AQ Worlds".

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Music Market on Android

Google has it successes with the app market for android. Now google launched a music store for android, much like iTunes. It also can store your music online, up to 20,000 songs! It is something everybody would want, but unfortunately the Music Market is only available in the USA. If you are currently in USA, download it now!

Blog Anywhere!

    Do you like blogging? Do you feel like blogging every time? I recommend you to download blogger applications that are available in the android market! You can download blogger app that is made by Google inc., or if your phone is not compatible with the app you can download Blogger droid. Download it now and start blogging like never before!

Photo Sharing

    Are you a photographer? Or are you a digital designer? Would you like your pictures to be known by other people. There are a lot of ways you can make it well-known to public.
   Firstly you can use photo sharing services such as picasa(google), instagram, flickr(yahoo) and much more. You can share photos there and people can give you feedbacks too. You can also upload the photo to your blog too. If you're using blogger from google it will automatically upload it to you picasa library. You can also upload slide show movies to YouTube. It will help publicity too.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MacBook Pro 2012

At October 2012 Apple realesed the late 2011 MacBook Pro. I was satisfied by it. But for you guys I'd say you better wait for the 2012 model since it is going to have a re-design!

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YouTube subscriber clean

Tomorrow, 9th of February. YouTube is going to delete inactive or fake subscribers. This means that if any of you buy fake subscribers, they'll be removed! And all your money is just going to be wasted! So beware! If you upload videos to YouTube you just MIGHT lose subscribers.

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Have you ever see these amazing pictures on google? Do you want to learn on how to get these amazing pictures? Well, Brickemon611 is releasing a new series on photography, from compositions, editing and uploading!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adobe Flash CS5 Tutorials

Do you like to watch animations? Are you interested in making one? Don't fear of not finding free video tutorials. Brickemon611 is currently releasing 16 videos of flash basics. Afterwards Brickemon611 will release more advanced flash. One for actions script and one for advanced animation.

What are you waiting for? Money to grow from trees? DON'T! Visit our YouTube channel now and start creating your own animations and games!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Songs


1. Bath Rhymes - Dick Figures          : DOWNLOAD
2. River Flows in You - Sungha Jung : DOWNLOAD
3. Kiss The Rain - Sungha Jung        : DOWNLOAD
4. Ho Ho Ho - YTF(nigahiga)             : DOWNLOAD
5. Theme Lupin 3 - Sungha Jung       : DOWNLOAD NEW!