Thursday, March 21, 2013

Google Keep Review

          Yesterday Google released an new app! You might have already guessed it from the title. It's Google KEEP! You might ask yourself, what is Google Keep or why do I need it.
Short definition, it's Evernote from Google. All jokes aside it is indeed very similar too Evernote, but it what ways does it differ?

         They way that it differs from Evernote is that there are no notebooks and all those fancy things, everything is centralized in one scrollable menu. So if you want to right long notes Google Keep might isn't the best app for you. However, if you want an app to help you with taking notes and todo lists, Google Keep is the way to go. 

         For instance if you saw this interesting product that you want to look up later you can simply take a picture, caption and when you forget what the product is you can just open Google Keep and it's there. You don't have to remember which note book is it in. The UI in Google Keep is really great as well. It's similar to cards UI in Google Now, but with bigger text and a different font so you can really focus on what tasks should you do!

         From my perspective I think Google Keep is another great app from Google. With it's great UI and ease of use, it's definitely a great app for people with a lot of tasks like me. It's free on the Play Store as well so if it turns out to not fit you, nothing is lost!

         Here are some improvement I would like to see on Google Keep:
-Swiping a memo should delete it not archive it, or at least make and option so.
-Improve on the web app, I don't really like it.
-Give the widgets a more "Cards UI" look.

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