Saturday, March 23, 2013

Top Features I Want on Google Keep

      Yes, Google Keep the new and hot note taking app released by Google a few days or so, available for the web and Andriod devices(4.0 or above). It is really great but here are some features I would like to see on Google Keep:

1. Reminders and due date
     You really can't just have a note taking app without any reminders can you?

2. Google now integration(With GPS)

     Wouldn't it be awesome if you have a reminder from GKeep and it shows up in Google Now with a picture(if you choose to upload)? Or what if you are on the supermarket and then your grocery list will pop up automatically in GNow as card, it would super awesome right?

3. Live sharing

    Basically being able to share your notes and let other people edit them live, similar to working on a document together on GDrive

4. Auto-thumbnail for web pages

    If you use G+, you can provide a link and pick a thumbnail for the post using pictures from the link, I want that feature too on Google Keep!

5. Chrome extension

    If you use chrome you are probably familiar with the +1 extension, or any other extension. Now I want an extension when you click it makes a pop up from the top left corner of Chrome for me to write a note easily.

6. Convert QR code to a note

     Can be useful sometimes.

7. More colour related features

     Firstly, I want the ability to enter a hex code for a colour and being able to favourite the colour to GKeep so that I don't have to re-type the code everytime I want to make a new note. Second, is I want to be able to change the colours for the text, not just the background. Last but not least, please make the notes background coloured not just the top, when using the web app.

8. Swiping note deletes it not archive it(make it configurable)

    I delete more than I archive.

9. Attach videos and other files

    Images aren't cool enough, also I would love to attach them from the app, not by clicking a share button on gallery! :|

10. iOS app

    Some people just don't know how great Android is but still love GKeep :D!



  1. google now is good for reminders.

    1. I can see GPS being awesome with google keep so the reminder re appears when you go some where specific

    2. Yeah I posted that idea on a comment using my G+ page account, if you haven't figure that out. Indeed GPS feature would be super awesome and I added that in. Also, reminders on GNow doesn't look that good as how cards with pics does on Gkeep!

  2. Good bya to google

    1. I guess they just don't want to "Keep" it :D