Friday, August 3, 2012

How to give visible vector content on the web


How to give visible vector content on the web

             You might know some vector image formats such as .ai and .eps but those formats aren't available to be previewed using browser nowadays, however there is a vector format called .svg when you click the link for example "" it can give the image! But it is not possible for svg files to be put in a script such as (<img alt="example" src="example.svg" width="200" height="160">). There is a little trick though on how to make users view the image. It's simple. Use a .png format! It's what wikipedia uses to, they make a png and svg so when you click the png there is the svg file and you can download it and manipulate it. You can try to click the example image on your left hand corner. That is all on what I have to say today. Bye!!

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