Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flash CS6 Overview



         With the release of Adobe CS6, Adobe Flash Professional also gets an updated version. There is not a lot of changes for animators who uploads their video on the internet, however the are some really great changes for people like web designers or app developers. There lots of upgrades like the ToolkitForCreateJS which converts simple animations to HTML5 content. There is also a better simulator to test mobile apps. Flash CS6 can export to AIR 3.2 content. There is also an upgrade for the code snippets for AIR actions and mobile actions such as swipe gestures, pinch to zoom, close AIR app using a button and much more!

               So if you are an app developer or a web designer getting Flash CS6 along with other CS6 software such as dreamweaver would be a good idea! You might want to try the application first before you buy it, as it might not be what you think it is. I will also be uploading Flash CS6 tutorials on YouTube, it will cover more on ActionScript instead of animation, CHECK IT OUT! Thank you for reading this article :D

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